“Water Audit Services findings have made an impact on our water efficiency with a correspondingly significant decrease in our water costs”."

Craig Wagstaff, Company Secretary, English Golf Union

Services provided by WAS for Water Audits
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Don Sherwood, Group Procurement, Waste Recycling Group

“If our partners could not add any value to our own drive to control costs,
as their fee is derived strictly from a share of the cost reductions that  they
can achieve, there would not be a penny expended by WRG in having our
cost levels and consumption validated by outside expertise.
The fact that the audit was carried out with virtually no call on our time and
resources and on conclusion I was provided with the findings, over which I
had full control, made it very user friendly.
It has turned out to be a very good exercise and our partnership has added
significant value by obtaining both refunds from the numerous water authorities
WRG operate within and reducing our future costs. The audit has provided WRG
with long term reductions in the water costs of many of our sites.”

John Biggin, Managing Director, Keltruck

“The results have been nothing short of spectacular, with just 1 of 13 sites yielding
a £32,000 refund…and more still to come.

Helen Greene, Financial Director, Donaldson’s College

“We had a protracted dispute with the water authority which we were unable to resolve. Not only were they able to bring this to a speedy and satisfactory resolution but identified additional significant savings and refunds into the bargain”

Nat Spring, Bursar, Belhaven Hill School

“We are delighted with the results of our Water Audit. Our water charges were numerous and complex. They were able to determine that some of these charges were erroneous and recovered a substantial refund for the school covering several years of overcharging. They handled all the negotiations with the Water Authorities and were extremely thorough in their approach.”

Bob De Rose, Secretary, Dunfermline Golf Club
Service provided by WAS

“The ‘no-lose proposition’ did get my attention. they made it hassle free as far as I was concerned. I would certainly be pleased to recommend you to others.”

Ray Grant, Environmental Director, John Lawrie Group

“An excellent, friendly and professional service without any fuss and minimum input from ourselves. They not only secured rebates of over £11,000 on overcharges made by our water service provider, but also savings on our future water charges. A true win-win situation!”

Craig Wagstaff, Company Secretary, English Golf Union

“Our findings have made an impact on our water efficiency with a correspondingly significant decrease in our water costs”.

Ian Millar, Accountant, Hibernian Football Club

“Operating in a very friendly professional manner,they not only identified errors in water authority billing but also identified ways of reducing costs. We will be continuing our relationship by asking them back to review our newly-built training center.”

Roderick Jackson, Estate Factor, Roxburghe Estate

“Thank you for informing us of the completion of your analysis of the Roxburghe Estate's water invoices. It is of course enormously encouraging to learn that the Estate is on track with its water supplies and that payments are as they should be.
I would like to thank you for the time you have taken on this appraisal and appreciate that on this occasion we can offer you no future business. I would however be delighted to recommend their Services in the future and will be happy to pass on your details to organizations which may also benefit.
I will certainly keep your company details on file and would be keen to repeat the exercise a year or two down the line.”

Mark Ellison, Efficiency Manager, A1 Housing Bassetlaw

“We were attracted by the offer of a free, no obligation audit of our costs and consumption. The cost savings achieved have been very good indeed for A1 Housing Bassetlaw and since they handled everything, we didn't need to commit any of our own resources to the project.”

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