Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company (S & NPC)

S & NPC are one of the world’s largest brewing operations.  We were introduced to Martyn Gray (Commercial Director) in order to help them with a few issues that they were experiencing on their electricity and Gas contracts.

NPower presented them with a bill for over £660,000 and followed that up with numerous disconnections, debt collection orders, warrants and even instigated 9 court actions to try to collect this money. 

When we got involved, not only did we prove that the £660,000 was not owed by S & NPC, but we retrieved almost £800,000 extra in over charges applied to their accounts by British Gas, Total and Npower.

Having saved S & NPC over £1.4m we helped to manage the account effectively.  This includes:

1)Entering into a group contract meaning that tenants:
2)Are no longer credit checked
3)Remove any debt on the property
4)Do not have to provide a bond/deposit
5)Benefit from cheaper group rates
6)Negotiate an appropriate price and payment Protection Plan
7)Correct and relevant data submitted to suppliers 
8)Correctly terminating and transferring accounts to new suppliers
9)Set up holding accounts on empty properties so no charges are incurred during this time
10Review bills, accounts and contracts regularly, ensuring that correct rates and bills are received by the bill payer

As a result of this, and work done with other pub companies/breweries, we are ideally placed to help people in the pub sector.

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